Rumors Spread to Start Competing Firm?

It would appear that there is more to this story than meets the eye. Did those accusing Rothenberg Ventures of misappropriation have something to cover up?
According to a suit filed last week, David Haase, former CFO of Rothenberg Ventures, is alleged to have embezzled funds from the company.

The suit states that a group of employees of Rothenberg ventures plotted to take Rothenberg’s “clients, customers, confidential information and trade secrets and start a new company…”. It states that employees conspired to move employees, investors, and investment information to a competing company called Arcturus, and spread rumors about Rothenberg Venture finances to get employees to quit and join Arcturus, later bought by DMG.

One employee was found to have hacked into the company’s computers to private information over to the competing firm. The rumors snowballed out of control, spreading uncertainty and doubt about the company, and leading many employees to quit and/or raid the company’s database.

This suit shows another side of the story not yet told. You can read the entire suit below:

190815-Complaint filed against Devani, Farwell, Haase, DMG et al

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