Rothenberg Holds High School Workshop to Bridge Silicon Valley Diversity Gap

In a push to bridge the diversity gap in Silicon Valley, Rothenberg hosts a workshop to expose underserved communities to frontier technologies like virtual and augmented reality. “They are determined to address Silicon Valley’s blindspot for women and people of color.”

Jimmy Ku, of River Ecosystems spoke about the benefit of embracing diversity in tech, “Being able to get different people with different experiences allows you to have a diversity of ideas, and you can build better products that way.”

Unlike many in Tech who only talk about diversity, Rothenberg has proven his commitment to diversity where it matters. Fran Hauser, a Limited Partner from New York, highlights Rothenberg’s commitment to bridging the gender gap typically seen in Silicon Valley, “When you look at our portfolio, 20% of our portfolio companies are female founded, which is much higher than the industry average of 11%.”

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